Archive – May 4th

Monday 4th May

Good morning and welcome to River Dee Radio’s weekly round up. The River Dee Radio presenters continue to create programmes for your relaxation during the lockdown. The following links enable you to listen at anytime throughout the week.
This week Chuck’s Choice features a great choice of rainbow music, chat and dedications.

Mike Gill has a couple of programmes this week. He has an hour long programme of country music from around the world.  

He has his Elevenses programme which features great music, requests and local information. 

Graham Bett has a programme and upbeat songs to fill your mid morning lull. He, also, has teamed up with his brother Dave to produce a programme of music for the afternoon. There is also another musicals special.

Jan and Andy have their programme of great music and local information on who’s delivering in the Banchory area.

Dave Alexander has a new programme of late night rock

This week’s Liz’s classical music programme features music from the Highlands and Islands 

The Headbangers have a regular schedule of rock programmes. Further information on our Schedule page.

A new presenter provides a mix of music

We are always looking for new expertise to support the station and we are looking to add to our current number of presenters. If you would like to join us use the email address to contact us.

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